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The Dragon's Head Blog: Exercising the bones while playing with circles

International Program Helmond in The Netherlands 26 -30 September 2018

During the 5 day program  in Helmond we were helped to experience the power of dropping the elbows and coiling the hands and arms. As Andrew Hung said these moves work on the bones and make  us forever young.

Our understanding of the power of the circles in the set increased as we practised. More and more we are developing the internal feeling instead of just doing the moves externally.

Birgit Wendt, a member from Germany, is very thankful that Taoist Tai Chi® arts has helped her to regain flexibility and find balance after an accident. Andrew worked with her to apply the dropping and coiling in the first few moves of the form. With a big smile she exclaimed “I feel the bones turning!”.

Andrew encouraged us to practise the circles diligently until the next workshop. Having experienced how wonderful these feelings can be, we look forward to what will come next. Just like the circles our path of practise is never ending.


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