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The Dragon's Head Blog: Dunedin City Leaders Visit Our International Centre

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism directors welcomed guests from Dunedin, Florida, to our International Centre this weekend, including the city’s Mayor Julie Bujalski, Deputy Mayor John Tomga, and city Commissioners and officials. 

The Dunedin group were on an annual visit to Toronto and accepted an invitation extended by President Marsha Eberhardt to visit the Centre, near Orangeville. Our relationship with the City of Dunedin has grown over recent years as we worked to complete our new second International Center, which will have a Grand Opening on November 3.

Directors Jim Gazzard and John Balinski, Taoist Tai Chi Society of USA President Pegoty Packman, USA Executive Director Sean Dennison, and Toronto Branch Co-Leader Barb Taylor met the guests at their hotel in downtown Toronto and accompanied them on our bus to the Centre, where they were given a tour and a delicious Chinese lunch.


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