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The Dragon's Head Blog: Cross-Canada Seniors Day begins

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The mango pudding is chilling, the buses and cars have flocked to the
International Center, with a record of more than 400 participants for a
seniors day, and there is a excitement in the air for what’s ahead.

Seniors Day is always the largest one-day event at the International Center but this
year it takes on a new dimension with the coast to-coast flavour and more than 1000 participants expected across Canada. Welcome!

Taoist Tai Chi® arts are about connection, and this year we are
strengthening connections through a video feed joining centers across Canada so we can all practise our foundations together.

But first, no doubt, some dan-yus and tor-yus, under the guidance of
instructor Andrew Hung. Lots of them, coast to coast. We’re seniors, after

*Stay tuned to the Tiger’s Mouth today as we’ll be bringing you updates from Seniors Day in the different time zones across Canada.

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