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The Dragon's Head Blog: County Commissioners recognize the Florida Keys Branch and International Day of the Senior

On Wednesday, October 17, the Monroe County, Florida Board of County Commissioners presented the Florida Keys Branch with a proclamation recognizing  the Taoist Tai Chi Society for helping people improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being for over 48 years and proclaiming Wednesday, November 7, 2018, as Taoist Tai Chi Fung Loy Kok International Day of the Senior in Monroe County, FL.
Representing the Branch for the presentation were Jeff and Beth Pinkus, Mary Stella, and the Branch’s most senior aged member Jean Goff who was happy to tell the assembly that she is 97!
Pictured from left are Mary Stella, Beth Pinkus, Jean Goff, Jeff Pinkus and Monroe County, FL Mayor David Rice.

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