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The Dragon's Head Blog: Continuing Lifelong Learning in Colorado

There was a lot of learning and laughter at the Denver National Workshop on Oct. 13 and 14, 2018. Thirty-five participants from five different places (Denver, CO; Billings, MT; Brandon, FL; Columbus, OH: and Las Vegas, NV) came together at the Denver Taoist Tai Chi center to continue our lifelong learning of tai chi.

Together, with information from our instructor Darcy, we worked on foundation exercises, brush knees, tor-yus, tor-yus and more tor-yus.  We chanted, discussed the benefits of chanting and then learned more about the upcoming Grand Opening festivities in Dunedin. One of the most moving and interesting sections of the weekend occurred when participants shared personal stories about Master Moy. It was warm and satisfying to hear about these experiences and learnings gained from our founder.

In Denver, one of our highlights is always the wonderful food created by our amazing kitchen crew.  They worked hard all weekend preparing meals to fit a variety of dietary needs. The results were delicious and very much appreciated by all the participants!

The Taoist Tai Chi community came together in Denver, worked hard, learned much, laughed often and again created a memorable experience for everyone.

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