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The Dragon's Head Blog: Construction Update for Florida’s International Center

It may not seem like a lot has changed by looking at the photos below of windows and construction studs but we now have over half of  the 500+ windows installed. The hurricane rated windows are quite modern despite the 1920’s appearance. Each window is attached to metal beams that are attached to support beams inside the building since the aged clay brick could not structurally support them in a storm.  They receive three layers of waterproofing before moving on to the next.

The lobby in the historic Fenway Hotel is now being renovated back to its glory days. New floor joists and piers are being installed starting at the ground up.

Masons are almost finished with the northwest exterior staircase and have started on the southwest staircase.

We now have a dried-in roof on top of the northeast wing. Roofers apply a layer of installation followed by a «hot mop» installation of tar and then top it all with heavy roofing material.

The construction team is preparing to begin work on the southwest wing. Work begins in the cellar, marking the floor where new metal support beams will be placed to hold up the historic building’s two floors plus roof access. This wing was the most damaged by termites and water.

Framing teams are working throughout the building on individual rooms. Next will be electricians, plumbers, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The next time you’re in Florida please stop by to check on our progress.  We love visitors or participants in a program!


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