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The Dragon's Head Blog: Consistently applying circular movements


[rl_gallery id=»13625″] In Helmond Andrew Hung guided 77 participants from 8 countries in their search for opening and roundness in every move. We practised together in harmony and consistently, this helped us to enhance our understanding and make a step towards the next stage.

During the evening sessions we practised more circular movements while going through the moves of the first half of lok hup.

As the days flew by we felt  that we gradually made the movements better from the inside out. Step by step we experienced the feeling in our spines that comes with finding space and working with circular movements. It brings so much relaxation and also a lot of joy. In this workshop we got a taste of how effortless practising the moves can be.   

From Liz Scott from Great Britain we heard what the health benefits are for her. She had severe pain in her shoulder since September last year. Playing with the circular movements in the partition wild horses mane the pain was nearly gone. Liz was so delighted. She said: “Practising without sharp angles but with the roundness gave space and opened my shoulder. No pain! It was a huge learning curve”.

A group of volunteers helped to make the workshop a great experience for everyone. To ‘keep playing with circles until the next program’ is the homework Andrew gave us.

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