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The Dragon's Head Blog: Colchester fishing update part 2

Saturday morning: Catherine from Suffolk has been seen to walk with the aid of two trekking poles, so Andrew invited her to find her inner fishing rod instead. The effects were clear to see, and she spoke of how it felt.

Dave from Cambridgeshire has lived with MS for many years, and always speaks very eloquently of what the Taoist arts do for him, in mind and body. As he works in time with the larger group, his fishing rod doesn’t move very far, but it’s enough to give him great benefits. The Taoist Tai Chi® arts are an internal art, cultivating the spirit for better health.




Colchester, 27 Feb 16 - International Workshop - Fishing part 2

Julie from Maldon find that Parkinson’s Disease sometimes gives her trouble with balance – but not today.

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