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The Dragon's Head Blog: Calgary, Edmonton and Regina join Seniors’ party

calgary seniors 2016

Here at the Calgary Branch of the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® Western Region we are thrilled to learn the that our Seniors Day lands in conjunction with the the City of Calgary and the Seniors Advisory Council for Alberta Senior’s Week as proclaimed by Mayor Nenshi. To celebrate this event we are honored to welcome  Councillor Sean Chu  of Ward 4 here in Calgary!

We have a group of 50 eager participants signed up with their potluck items in the kitchen prepared for an invigorating day of Tai Chi, to share friendship, good food, and fun! We are all looking forward to Tai Chi charades after lunch!

Seniors Day will acknowledge the contributions of seniors to our vibrant community. Whether it’s their volunteer time, strength of spirit, talent or life experience, seniors are at the heart of our organization.


Greetings from Edmonton where one of Master Moy’s students began offering classes in 1980.  Today,  about 30 of us are are celebrating the Cross Canada Seniors Day in our building.  In 1990, Master Moy suggested we buy  instead of leasing this building.  The Edmonton Branch now offers classes in 15 locations, mostly in the city and surrounding communities.  Two of our locations are not so close:  Lloydminster, a three hour drive, and Yellowknife, N.W.T. — a plane ride away.

We are thankful for these opportunities to improve our health, body, mind, and spirit through the guidance of the directors.  We appreciate the feeling of home and friendship the organization offers. For many years local seniors committee has worked together on a Blanket Project.  We use them as fundraisers as well as  donating to shelters.  After a morning of Taoist Tai Chi arts we are having a pot luck and a cribbage tournament.


Sixteen  people from Regina are joining the national senior’s day celebration for a fun day celebrating our involvement with the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism.  We are excited to connect with people from across Canada via satellite and practice the 108 moves in unison with them.


Our Seniors Day includes a pot luck luncheon, a Tai Chi flash mob at a local mall and a visit to Regina’s Elvis Museum. Thanks to all of the organizers across Canada for making this day a reality!

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