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The Dragon's Head Blog: A Happy Weekend in Ukraine: IWS in Lviv, May 9-10, 2015


It is possibly one of the positive news being so eagerly waited for by Ukraine. The participants from Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine had a wonderful and most useful time on 9-10 of May in Lviv at the IWS led by Paul Davies from the Great Britain.

At the workshop we got to know a lot of interesting things about each other and openly shared our stories of health benefits of the Taoist Tai Chiarts for the young as well as the elderly. One lady came to the workshop with a walking stick, struggling with pain and difficulties in movements. She suffers from knee disease resulting from injury she received in her youth. Her doctors were surprised that she could walk, in her condition she was more likely to stay in bed waiting for a knee joint replacement surgery. After hours of mutual Taoist Tai Chiarts practise, we noticed how incredibly easy her walk became. Returning home at the end of the first day of the workshop she could walk without the stick. It is an example how constant and persistent practice gives positive results.

It seems the phrases: ‘Be patient with yourself!’ and ‘While improving the form it is necessary to full it with substance’  became slogans of the work on foundations, Don-yus and Tor-yus in several sequences of movements of the set.

Paul showed us Taoist Tai Chiarts practise as a prospective of further development.

On Sunday at lunch we enjoyed delicious sweets to celebrate the birthday of one of the participants, as well as true Swiss chocolate from Switzerland. It added to our cheerfulness and good mood.

 Thanks to mutual work, practice and communication during the workshop we were filled with positive energy. Bright smiles and shining eyes of the participants expressed their desire to learn more of the traditions established by Master Moy and to put them into life.

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