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The Dragon's Head Blog: A happy constraint

I must say that, until recently, I was not constant in my individual practice: a few exercises and only occasionally, given that our club was there for practicing with the others, so …The lockdown made it impossible to practice in a group and therefore practicing alone was the only option. It was a happy constraint because I started practicing every morning, with my windows wide open. With great surprise, I realized that all the reflections, suggestions and invitations to focus on the body that the instructors offered us surfaced spontaneously.

I was able to feel stretching, expansions in such a profound way that I had great benefits.

The aspect of the individual practice that I found most effective was finding “my” rhythm, a slow timing that allowed me to better perceive what was happening inside my body. When we started again to gather outside for practicing together, at first I did not join the others because I was afraid I could lose the concentration I had acquired. But when I decided it was time to go back and practice with others, I realized that my fears were just fears: all I had to do was adjust my rhythm to that of the group.

Dora, Italy

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