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The Dragon's Head Blog: A 50 Set Marathon in Belgium to celebrate the 50th anniversary

Last weekend, in Belgium,  participants had an appointment with a 50 Set Marathon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Society.

As the sets went by we could feel more fluidity inside and outside . The repetition of the moves helped us to let go of our thoughts and worries … we were just there, all together!

This was also the occasion to discover the sets with a Beginners’ Weekend, and the ongoing flow of the Marathon helped the beginners to have a feel of the harmony of the practice of Taoist Tai Chi TM ; they could even join the group for the last two sets of the Marathon.

With people from all locations across Belgium and also from the Netherlands, jumping in and out and taking turns as the sets went on all week-end, the peaceful energy and friendly atmosphere were such that it was hard to part at the end!  

Fortunately, another opportunity is already scheduled on Saturday 6th of June for an even bigger event …


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