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The Dragon's Head Blog: Over 250 Participants for Eastern Region’s National Program

Over 250 participants attended Eastern Region’s National Program in Longueuil last week-end. This was the largest ever attendance at the regional center, and it was a wonderful opportunity to experience “Eye See, Hand Do”,  to work together in harmony and good spirits throughout the week-end.  From cooking to cleaning, everyone got involved and helped create a fantastic program.

Marsha Eberhardt, President of the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, was the instructor for the program. We practiced the moves using different notions enabling us to experience the movements in new ways.  Marsha told us how Master Moy would constantly encourage us to know more about the human body by looking at anatomy textbooks, and with the help of technology and the latest in 3D apps,  we were able to further our understanding and share information about human anatomy and the unique benefits of practicing Taoist Tai Chi. Participants had the opportunity to practice chanting and standing meditation. All of this and more helped us become more relaxed and mindful in everything we did. Throughout the weekend we experienced the profound and unique nature of our tradition and were encouraged to practice diligently so that these gifts are transmitted to future generations.

The program also marked the culmination of a regional fundraiser to commemorate the grand opening of the Wong Dai Sin Temple held in Toronto last August. The Eastern Region participants were able to show their deep appreciation of this milestone in the development of our organization and our respect for the leadership in the continuation Master Moy’s vision.

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