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The Dragon's Head Blog: Improving Confidence

Practice of Master Moy’s teachings helps me in so many ways. One way is that I have become more confident in myself.

My confidence has increased a great deal over the past 2 years. By listening to the stories and teachings from the directors, I have come to realize that ego can work in both ways: “I am so good”, or “I am not good enough.”  I have previously fallen into the category of thinking that I am not good enough. Now, with direction from the directors and regional leaders, I understand that all I need to do is be willing to help, try, do my best, and not be afraid of making mistakes. 

The practice of chairing and speaking up in regional and branch meetings has contributed to this confidence. As I have been hearing from the directors, we get better with practice. Am I 1% better in my confidence in myself? Certainly. Can I get better? Definitely. 

By following the path of his teachings, I now am more confident that I am able to complete the task at hand.


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