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The Dragon's Head Blog: Tenth Anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts in Norway

On the 27th of May 2017, 54 members were gathered in Oslo for a one-day intensive followed by a banquet in the evening to celebrate ten years of Taoist Tai Chi™ practice in Norway.

Members were gathered from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Italy and Slovakia. We were grateful to receive instruction from a representative from the European Regional Council, Paul Davies, who is a longstanding member from Great Britain. As we practiced the opening of the set, Paul helped us visualise elastic bands attached to our body to help us feel the elasticity and expansion in the body. He encouraged us to remember that feeling so that we can use it in our daily practice. He also shared a story about his first brief conversation with Master Moy who had pointed him to one of the central aims for his work: „Go and help the people”.

Around 60 people attended the evening banquet. Among them were a local politician named Helge Stoltenberg, as well as family members and friends. During the banquet there were speeches, testimonials and live music and beautiful songs. All together it was a truly special and memorable event.

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