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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taoist Tai Chi™ arts gave me back my active life

I am a living testimonial that Taoist Tai Chi™ arts is a lifestyle practice that everyone can benefit from, regardless of age and physical challenges. Here’s my story.

Ten years ago I was in my 50s and enjoying my second adolescence of activity. I ran, swam, cycled and competed in age group triathlons. It was wonderful! I felt I was in total control of my body and fitness.

Then my life fell apart. It started when I had no feeling on my left side and could not pick up my foot. After two year of medical tests, it was determined that I had a neurological condition. Multiple Sclerosis. I had dozens of lesions on my brain! I was devastated and felt like I had lost my life of exercise, training and activity.

Then someone encouraged me to try Taoist Tai Chi™ arts …

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Guesna Dohrman is a retired mathematics professor at Tallahassee Community College.

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