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The Dragon's Head Blog: Summer days are here again

Summer Tai Chi week kicked off on June 29  with a great start.  The five-day workshop began at the International Centre Orangeville on a beautiful summer day, with 184 participants supported by 18 volunteers. On day one, participants received instruction from Tony Kwong on tory-us and dany-us. Following the instructions, participants took part in 24 group sessions where they could practice, review and clarify the instructions Tony had provided.
In between sessions, everyone enjoyed some wonderful meals, shared group tasks, met old friends and browsed the beautiful grounds at the International Centre. The evening session provided a special treat as Tony was given a birthday cake and everyone got to share. His birthday wish to all was good health to everyone.
Overall, it was a wonderful day for learning, practising, and improving tai chi, and participants are now having a fantastic and fun week of activities.

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