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The Dragon's Head Blog: Our Private Practice

Feet planted. 
Body grounded. 
A starting point.

The stuff we carry around mentally, spiritually, physically. 
We become our own teachers. 
Trust, responsibility, letting go. 
Learning on a different level. 

Just be in the practice. 
Step back from worry about what comes next. 
Be comfortable, listen to our own bodies.
Move, trust, feel it deep inside.

Using our practice.
Helps us support others.
Mentally, spiritually and physically. 

No fixed plan.
Be reflective, let go arriving.
It’s the journey, not the destination.
Let it be. 

Chanting, calm, soft, focussed.
Everything slows down. 
Stillness, calmness.
Mind emptied, we think of nothing else. 

We thought control kept us safe. 
It kept us bound. 
We learn to accept change.

~New Brunswick Leaders

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