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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update

Many people have asked about the status of our resident owl. She is a small screech owl according to the Audubon Society. As construction progresses she is being moved around a bit but still seems happy to be here. The Audubon Society will still need to catch her before she goes into nesting mode. She is now living in the stairwell near the future kitchen since her favorite spot in the elevator shaft has been dry walled in.

The halls of the Fenway are dry walled in all wings with the exception of the southwest wing. Most rooms have three sides drywalled and the fourth is awaiting low voltage cables to be run. Most of the rough plumbing is completed. The sprinkler system is installed in most areas in the southeast wing and the rough electrical work is looking good. The mechanical and air conditioning is still a way off from completion but they are inching along.

The eyebrow on the exterior under the Fenway sign is almost complete. Roofers are putting the final title on later this week.









The southwest wing, which is scheduled to become guest rooms and a rooftop bar, has started excavation for the concrete footers which will support the steel infrastructure of the wing.

The courtyard walls were painted leaving only the southeast and southwest wing south view.

Check back often for more from the International Center Florida.

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