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The Dragon's Head Blog: Inaugural Seniors’ Workshop in New Zealand

seniors2aA group of 16 seniors came together in Tauranga, New Zealand on Monday April 4, for the first seniors’ workshop to be held in New Zealand.

After the participants worked on the foundations in the morning, with particular emphasis on danyus, the group left the clubrooms for a visit to the historic Elms Gardens the site of the Te Papa Mission Station established in 1838.

seniors3aAfter an informative tour of the original homestead and library the group practiced toryus on the lawn.  This delighted groups of tourists visiting the site from a cruise ship docked in Tauranga Harbour.

After a picnic lunch prepared by members of the Tauranga branch and a visit to a nearby rose garden, the group returned to the Tauranga clubrooms.

The group had chosen balance as the theme for the afternoon so time was spent practising the kicks and separations.

The format was so successful that all agreed that the program of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts should be repeated at other branches.


Comments from participants included:

We really appreciated the day. Enough tai chi and good to have social time to get to know each other.

Really good, especially for balance problems”



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