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The Dragon's Head Blog: Artifacts Found During Renovations at the Fenway

June 16,2015  Today we uncovered two pieces of historical data during our renovations. One, a letter written on September 25, 1925 to an old friend who was coming to Clearwater, Florida to visit and a glass case with a pair of glasses . The letter was found hanging by a string inside of a wall in what will be room 220. The glasses were found under the 1st floor flooring in room 120. The Fenway was under construction starting in 1925 and was completed in 1928.


Update on Construction!

The underlayment for the new parking lot was placed this week. Old trees on the property are being preserved and orange fencing was placed around each Live Oak and Pine being kept.

Underlay for new parking lot UnderlaymentDriveForParkingLot TreePresevationduringConstruction

The third floor of the main building framing is almost complete and the second floor framing has begun. Once framing is complete the new windows and roof can be installed.

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