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The Dragon's Head Blog: All Souls Festival – Honoring Those Who Passed

FLK held virtual All Souls chanting ceremonies online this year.

In Chinese culture the All Souls Festival is one of the most important festivals of the year.  The All Souls Festival gives souls a chance to listen to the wisdom of the sutras chanted during the days of the festival and become free by resolving any attachment, entanglements, or conflicts they had during their lifetimes. The All Souls Festival gives the living an opportunity to express filial piety, harmony and dedication by honoring their ancestors, relatives and friends who have passed away.

Many volunteers folded paper money at home, to be burnt in offering. These beautiful paper bags are illustrated with symbols of longevity, balance and comfort in the afterlife. They  held paper money to be burnt in offering. Incense was offered during All Souls Festival to comfort the souls.

There is a Chinese saying that “when the dead are at peace, then the living shall prosper.” By honoring and aiding the dead during the All Souls Festival, we hope that Heaven will reduce the suffering in this world and bestow blessings upon us.

The last day of the All Souls Festival brought together the caring intention of 1000 people chanting for the world and for those who have passed away. 

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