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Giornata Internazionale di Consapevolezza
Cultivating health 0

Cultivating health

On the 31 August over 400 members gathered in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff to celebrate Awareness Day.  Across these three cities we demonstrated how unity, harmony and health are cultivated in every aspect of our Taoist practice.  Many volunteers worked together to coordinate the event, organising coaches, water, t-shirts and promotional materials, keeping together and sharing experiences […]
Awareness Day in Belgium 0

Awareness Day in Belgium

On this beautiful summer day in Brussels we celebrated Awareness Day. We did some sets and gave an introduction class to interested people. This announces the beginning of the Taoist Tai Chi TM season in the parks that will take place in Belgium in July and August. The bravest ended with a picnic and a […]
Tenth Anniversary of Three Religions Temple and Awareness Day #1 During Day Four of CIT Week, 2017 in Orangeville 0

Tenth Anniversary of Three Religions Temple and Awareness Day #1 During Day Four of CIT Week, 2017 in Orangeville

  Brief the dragon legs Prepare the temple and start chanting Chanters and public offerings Enliven the dragon, bring on the confetti Speeches from distinguished guests All join in the sutra Presentation of photo contest winners Tidy up, cards displayed, walking tour
Awareness Day in Brussels, Belgium 0

Awareness Day in Brussels, Belgium

On Sunday September 25th, we celebrated our Awareness Day in downtown Brussels, in front of La Bourse where, for three years now, we have been giving free introduction classes of Taoist Tai Chi® arts every Sunday from May 1st  to September 30th. Thanks to favourable weather, there were a lot of passers-by and a few of […]
Dragon Dance Details 0

Dragon Dance Details

Dragon Dancing       Opportunity to Participate This past CIT week was the 7th time I have participated in the dragon dance at International Awareness Day.  I saw the signup for a practice in the lobby when I got to the International Center Orangeville for my first CIT week in 2010. I was surprised […]
France @ CIT Week 0

France @ CIT Week

Aujourd’hui, l’association de tai chi taoïste de France participe avec 25 autres pays à la journée internationale de sensibilisation au tai chi taoïste. Cette journée, qui rassemble près d’un millier de participants, permet de présenter l’association Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi et ses activités. Tandis que certains participants démontrent l’enchaînement des 108 mouvements du […]
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