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The Dragon's Head Blog: We’re connected!

centre seniors 2016.1 centre seniors 2016.2

The Cross-Canada Seniors Day video feed is underway, with different locations taking turns to lead the more than 1000 participants across the country in a different foundation move.

We’re working together even though separated by thousands of kilometres.

winnipeg seniors 2016

Meanwhile Winnipeg Branch Centre has sent a welcome message, saying 80 participants and friends have travelled from seven locations to be part of this first Cross Canada Seniors Day. We are excited to be a part of this special day, and enjoying participating with others across Canada in the Cross Canada Video Feed.


Greetings from 65 senior tai chiers from Nanaimo to all our friends from west to east.  It’s so exciting to be joining all of you on this first CCSD.  It’s good to be connected in this way.
Have a fun day!

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