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The Dragon's Head Blog: Trust, Relax and Let Go in Ottawa, Canada

The Ottawa Branch was pleased to welcome Louis Blaquière to lead us in a National Program on the weekend of March 19. The theme for these two days was trust, relax and let go. We worked on these three aspects in our dan yus and tor yus, and while reviewing the moves in the first half of the set.

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On the Sunday, we discussed in small groups what these words and concepts meant to us, then came together to share. Though there were many perspectives, our collective realization was how intrinsically related all three of these are. Through the Taoist Tai Chi® arts that we practice, we learn to trust ourselves, our bodies, our instructors and the healing power of these arts, and to truly reap the benefits we need to relax and let go.

Louis emphasized that if we are able to relax, to let go, and to practice the virtues, then the Tai Chi will happen inside each of us. « There’s always more to relax, » he said. « It’s like an onion skin. » Just when you think you’re relaxed, you can peel away another layer and go even deeper.

We also reflected on how the ability to trust, relax and let go is what makes us good students and teachers of these arts.

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Sixty-six participants attended this deeply rewarding workshop, raising a total of $13,533 for the new International Center in Dunedin, Florida.

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