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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taoist Tai Chi™ arts: More than just moves

That there is much more than the moves learned during a program is something that we have known for a long time. But knowing and understanding are two different things.

We know all about picking up people from the airport and getting them assigned to a bed because typically we are the ones being picked up when participating in programs & events.

We also know that we have tasks assigned during the program.  Those tasks are essential for living together during the weekend. But do we know that it takes hours (yes, hours!) to put the groups together and to assign them to tasks in a functional way, so that everybody can complete the job but still enjoy both the learning and leisure time?

And the food! Those warming, tasty breakfasts, those amazing meals, all made in our kitchens, we know about preparing that. But realizing that that means that the kitchen crew is working from six in the morning to nine in the night, and sometimes beyond…

For this weekend’s Lok Hup program in Madrid, Spain, the Portuguese Society volunteered to come to the Southern European Centre. Not to organize it all, as we know that organizing such programs starts months in advance, but to take some of the load off of our friends from Spain and to learn the tricks of the trade in running the Centre during the weekend. We spent three amazing days, with lots of fun, learning, sharing, and delicious cod fish dishes, of course. We finished happy and relaxed and we didn’t even do the program!

So now we really mean it when we say:

« There is so much more than the moves at a program! »

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