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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taking the time to help each other

Ten years ago the Three Religions Temple, Dao Mo, the Memorial Hall and the Quiet Cultivation Centre were added to the complex of buildings at the International Centre. These buildings, each in their own way, and together as a group, have fostered connections between members of our constantly growing family.

The Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism’s International Centre is our home. To many of us it’s the place where we reconnect with family. The expansion of our International Centre 10 years ago set the stage for the development of our organization and for the furthered personal growth of its members.

The buildings go beyond allowing for growth in the size of our organization. They go beyond the tangible. To me, they are the physical embodiment of the culture of our family.  The Three Religions Temple, Dao Mo and the Memorial hall, in simple and profound ways invite us to listen, to help each other. Their presence reminds us of the rhythm of life, and of lives well lived.

We are inspired by the stories of people who come to our home for help and we are stimulated by the perspectives of people who come to help, for an afternoon, for a month, for a year, and in some cases for longer.

We draw sustenance from the participants we meet at the International Centre. We do this in learning to listen, attentively, to each other. We do this when we take the time to help each other.  In so doing we form friendships with members of our global family. Friendships that deepen and expand over the years.

Pat Bradley-White, Ottawa

Please send your stories and reflections on the expansion of the International Centre with the Three Religions Temple, The Hall of the Original Constellations (Dao Mo), the Memorial Hall, the Quiet Cultivation Centre practice hall, and the Meditation Suites to They may be used on the Tiger’s Mouth blog and in other publicity and promotional material.

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