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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taichiathon at National Centre in Perth, Australia

Australia’s national day is January 26th and it is a public holiday.  Inspired by Ireland, and then Costa Rica, we marked the day with our first Taichiathon, 48 sets, 5184 moves, and just 2 bows – one at the beginning of the first set, at 8 am, and one at the end of the last set, at 8 pm.  Members from many branches gathered at the National Centre in Bayswater, maintaining a quiet, harmonious, continuous flow of tai chi movements for 12 hours. Members were surprised at how easily they completed 4, 5, or even 12 sets in a row – many more than they had previously thought possible, despite the 40° C temperature.



Funds raised of over $1000 will assist with repainting the centre.

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