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The Dragon's Head Blog: Taichiathon in Costa Rica

The last Thursday of 2016 a group of Costa Rican participants came together for an activity we had not organised before.
Inspired by the example of the Taoist Tai Chi© family in Ireland, we organised a get-together where we did continuous sets from 1 pm – 9 pm as a fundraiser for the Fenway and a great investment in our health.
During these hours people came in, did several sets, had a short break, served tea, did more sets, ate snacks, shared time with other members and, of course, practised more tai chi sets. Some enjoyed it so much, they completed almost all the hours with only a short break for a drink or some food.
All together 27 people participated.  We had 8 hours of practice, did 23 sets in total and raised a bit over $200 for the Fenway.
It was a special experience and a great afternoon where several people amazed themselves and others about what is possible when you let the tai chi work with you and with the group. One lady in her seventies was asked how she felt after four hours on her feet.  Her answer was « Pura vida! »(Pure life!)
We all decided we will do this more than once a year.

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