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The Dragon's Head Blog: Successful media event for photo contest and 10th Anniversary

A successful press conference has been held at Wong Dai Sin Temple this week to publicise the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Three Religions Temple and International Awareness Day on August 3, and the photo contest being held at the International Centre. An open house is being held at the International Centre, near Orangeville, on July 29 – a final opportunity for photographers to take their best shots before the contest ends on July 30.

Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism president Marsha Eberhardt and executive director Andrew Hung addressed representatives of nine different Chinese media organisations, explaining the organisation’s spirit of compassion and how we work to help ourselves and others. Ms Eberhardt says it does not matter what the colour of our skin is or the faith we practise, we are all able to benefit from the Taoist Tai Chiarts.

Ms Eberhardt was interviewed for a television station, and the reporter for one big Chinese news website already had his report online – – by the time the journalists were being treated to a dim sum lunch.


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