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The Dragon's Head Blog: Portugal, Italy & Spain Instructors Gathering


Southern European Centre, 20-21 June 2015

This weekend the Southern European Centre held our annual Instructors Gathering. For the first time the event included Italy, with 65 participants in total.

Saturday morning was a Tai Chi session led by Madalena Carmona, Lucia Tiribilli and Jesús Vicens. Connecting the pushing from the feet with the intention in the hands in the Tor-Yu was the main focus.

After lunch it was time for TTCS Spain Annual General Meeting. Board and delegates needed just 20 minutes to go through the agenda.

The afternoon session was rich in the different Taoist Tai Chi® arts, Tai Chi, Chanting, Dragon Dance practice, and group discussion on the 4th Objective “To help others”, and how we connect it to compassion, devotion and generosity. From there a more precise second question on how it is related to fundraising.

Sunday morning was dedicated to a demo in Puerta del Sol, the very Madrid city centre. It was “Awareness Day type”. Over 100 members took part in various Tai Chi, Sabre and Lok Hup sets, and of course Dragon Dance. The large number of passers-by couldn’t miss our colorful dragon, and taking a photo with it was a must, especially by the many Chinese and Japanese tourists. Tai Chi also attracted big interest, and some people gave it a go in our free lessons.


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