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The Dragon's Head Blog: Participant gives thanks to FLKTTC for ongoing fight with Parkinson’s Disease


Thursday February 28, 1985 Branson Hospital 9:30am

As I was walking from my car to my appointment at Branson Hospital, I was wishing that I was going skiing instead. The neurologist walked into the examining room. He took one look at me and said, « You have Parkinson Disease! »

After lunch, I went to the public library and in an old British encyclopedia read that most people with Parkinson Disease die within 5 years.

During the next 4 years, I tried all the alternative medicines and government funded drugs on the market. For months I attended physiotherapy sessions at the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre. After I started Taoist Tai Chi®, I went back to the TRC for a follow up appointment, and I was told that I was doing too well to take further therapy.

Parkinson’s Disease is supposed to be a progressive condition.  Although I was taking only ½ the recommended drug dose prescribed by the neurologist, my ankles and face became swollen.

I learned about tai chi at a Parkinson conference in Montreal and found a Taoist Tai Chi® class near my home.  In May of 1989, Master Moy invited me to D’Arcy Street.  For 8 years Daisy Frances and I spent 2 hours or more, 4 to 7 days a week doing mostly don yus and tor yus.

I knew after my second class at my local high school that Taoist Tai Chi® was helping me.  I first became stronger emotionally and then physically.  All my body circulations improved and I was and continue to be better able to tolerate my medications.  The puffiness on my face and ankles decreased.  When I practice more than 2 hours, my tendons and ligaments become longer and I become more flexible and taller.  There are so many people I should thank but I don’t think I have enough paper.

After I started tai chi 30 years ago, I would tell my doctors,“Taoist Tai Chi®  is helping me”.  They would reply, “That’s nice dear”.

The last time I saw my neurologist, Dr. Mark Guttman, he told his nurse that I had had Parkinson’s Disease longer and was doing better than any of his patients. The word “amazing” describes my fight with Parkinson’s Disease and when I hear that word, I think of all the members of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.



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