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The Dragon's Head Blog: Osprey Return to the Fenway and Construction Update

Osprey were sighted today on the new nesting platform at the International Center in Dunedin, Florida. The osprey originally had their nest in one of the chimneys that needed to be removed. The society asked forestry officials and the National Audubon Society to oversee the move of the nest to the platform on top of one of the protected pine trees outside of Building C late last summer. The birds were missing from the nest but have been seen over the property daily.  This week we have a photo of the osprey rebuilding the nest on the platform. They must feel we are now safe to live with even with all the noise from the construction site.

Osprey Nest


Construction Update at the International Center Florida

Framing crews have been busy replacing floor joists on the southeast wing prior to the new roof installation.

Roof_Framers2-10 RoofFraming2-11


The foundation work for the new staircase for the north wing has begun.

NorthWestStairwell2-8 NWstairwellConstruction2-8


Our front lobby floor had a dip in it causing a separation of the main support column to the steel support. The reason was determined to be a tree root that was left next to the concrete base of that column when it was built. The column and tree root have been removed.



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