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The Dragon's Head Blog: Oh what a night … New Zealand program banquet

Before you get your glam rags on

There are tables and chairs to set up

Dress the tables

Who forgot the white tablecloths?

Chairs to be just so

Place the newly arrived white tablecloths

Red tablecloths next, all pointed this way

How do you get square tablecloths to fit nicely on round tables?

Lesson on how to fold lotus flower napkins; 80 odd of them

Next the kete (Maori flax basket) fits in the middle of the lotus flower, all the same way

Polish the silverware, no fingerprints in sight please

Which fork goes where?

Guests are arriving

Mingle and Jingle, nibble here and there

Drinkie or two

Table and tablemates to find

Games to be won

Main course to eat – yummo

Speeches to hear and give – maybe another drink before that one

Pudding – wouldn’t mind another

Oh what a night, thank  you to all

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