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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Program and Banquet in Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver branch hosted a national program and a « To Your Health » banquet over the weekend of April 29 & 30, 2017. We were honoured to have Marsha Eberhardt, President of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi™ share her knowledge and experience with 160 attendees from the Pacific, Western and Central Regions, as well as the USA. Marsha’s core message was how the society promotes complete health, including physical and mental health, and the health of the community. This is accomplished by everyone working and training together from local locations and branches, all the way to our international centres.

Vancouver National Workshop May 2017

Chanting at the Vancouver National Workshop May 2017

How we work and train together in harmony was clearly demonstrated by the success of the « To Your Health » banquet where 250 guests were treated to an amazing meal, live music, beautiful prize baskets created by our classes, a talk on and demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts, and a testimonial about the health benefits of our practice. Cooperating together is clearly an extension of our training and resulted in a memorable and successful weekend.

"To Your Health" banquet in Vancouver May 2017

"To Your Health" banquet demonstrations in Vancouver May 2017

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