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The Dragon's Head Blog: Mother’s Day Banquet in Sarasota, Florida

Nearly 80 joined in on the fun at the Mother’s Day banquet hosted by the Sarasota, Florida branch. A full seven-course dinner was served bringing oohhhs and aahhhhs from the delighted participants. The menu comprised a spring salad with blueberries, cranberry chicken, sweet and sour fish and more.  It was easy to understand the happy responses. And, in spite of the many courses, there was still room for the fluffy raspberry dessert. The silent auction sported not one but three wine and accompaniments baskets. The auction committee offered a half dozen themed baskets and the items for bidding were as diverse as they were abundant. The program was complete with Pegoty Packman sharing amusing tales of the first and not necessarily perfect Mother’s Day banquet.  Mary Lou Gabbert told how welcoming Mr. Moy was to accommodate children in the practice halls as their parents received training in Taoist Tai Chi® arts, so that all might grow in the wisdom of the virtues now found on a plaque on the walls of our centers. Joe Crossfield kept us amused and updated as we awaited the arrival of the next course, offering a beautiful reminder of the love of a mother. There were, of course, the usual and interesting greetings from local branches as well as introductions of local officials and community leaders.  All this added to the theme and the rich experience of the day. It was a special opportunity to spend time with members, friends and their families.

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