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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Seniors’ Day Preparations in the Netherlands

The Taoist Tai Chi Society of the Netherlands will join the International Seniors’ Day celebrations together with other branches of the Taoist Tai Chi Society all over the world. In Delft, Driebergen, Haarlem and Zandvoort members will invite senior citizens to join the open or trial classes and high teas. During tea breaks senior members in the class will share their experiences of how tai chi has benefitted their health and lifestyles.  In Breda members will challenge themselves with danyus bingo style! Each member in the class will get a bingo card and fill it in every time they perform danyus, for example, in their living rooms, in the kitchen, while waiting for their bus or train, etc. Once they have filled completely their bingo card they can win a prize!

On October 1st the mayor of Helmond will join us and will open the celebration at the centre. The seniors’ committee will also prepare a photo exhibit showing all the activities we have done to celebrate the day. Members all over the country and as far as members from Belgium and Germany are invited to join together in this celebration and join others members in the rest of the world through a video conference at 16.00 Western European Time.

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