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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update for August 2017

Renovations at the International Center in Florida have entered a new phase. Renovation of Building E, the practice hall, has begun. Larger washrooms and an 18,000-foot  air conditioned practice hall will welcome program attendees starting in early 2018. Demolition of the interior of Building E began on August 20.   The dragon was moved to the inside of Building C for safe keeping.  All programs will be held at 1370 Main Street in Dunedin until renovations are completed. The Main Street site is approximately four miles from the International Center.

The Fenway Hotel, Building A

All is well after a water spout formed off-shore from the Fenway.  Winds from the water spout blew down a construction sign and a palm tree. We are very lucky because a demo team was in the middle of removing the front steps. See video footage from one of the construction workers.

Once again a family of honey bees found its way to our property. In an ideal location, 15 feet high in a hollow tree, a hive formed and, unfortunately, it was a tree scheduled to be removed.  With the help of our local participants and beekeeper, we are moving the hive to a safe location.


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