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The Dragon's Head Blog: Beginners Weekend in Newport, South Wales

The Western Region Centre in Newport hosted its first Beginners Weekend on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2015. Over 60 people attended, with a mix of complete beginners, current beginners, continuing members and instructors, all enjoying the 2 days of Tai Chi.
After the first day and after less than 4 hours instruction the group had already progressed to move 33 (Single Whip).
Following the excitement, nervousness and concentration of the first day, the mood for the second day was that of complete relaxation. The instruction gathered pace, and the group, with so many beginners, moved in unison with more fluidity than the first day. The 108 moves were achieved within minutes of the closure of the second day, with the whole group doing a complete set together.
We went away tired, but exhilarated that so much had been achieved in such a short time, and with everyone looking forward to their next class.

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