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Healthy Heart and Cardiac Rehabilitation with Taoist Tai Chi® arts

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or have had recent cardiac surgery, you may be feeling weak, anxious, perhaps even depressed. Certainly cardiac challenges can deeply affect your enjoyment of life.

Fortunately, research and anecdotal evidence show that tai chi helps people improve their heart health, better manage heart disease, recover from cardiac surgery and live fuller lives. With Taoist Tai Chi® practice many people have found they increase energy, reduce stress and anxiety and dramatically improve their mood. As well, the physical movements improve cardiovascular and muscular strength and circulation, reducing the risk of developing heart problems and minimizing problems that may occur. Training in these arts gives people a way to maintain healthy heart function.

People practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts also find they have better balance and flexibility, and a feeling of lightness and well-being.

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One Person’s Story of Recovering from Cardiac Surgery

My name is Sylvia Berg. I wasn’t feeling very well and it turned out that the reason was my aortic artery was 97% blocked. I was offered cardiac surgery and I found I had to really think about it before making the decision. Taoist Tai Chi® arts gave me the courage to go through with it. I am grateful because I would be dead now without it. I wanted a good outcome so with what little energy I had I did my Taoist Tai Chi® practice. The surgery went exceptionally well and I was up on my feet walking further and out of the hospital quicker than other people. It is the focus and being centred in what we do that has really helped me. Now I am a healthy, happy person!

Research: Heart Health, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Tai Chi

Health benefits of tai chi: What is the evidence?

Systematic Reviews of tai chi indicate “good evidence for the benefits of tai chi for cardiac rehabilitation.” and “excellent evidence for the benefits of tai chi for aerobic capacity and balance.”

Canadian Family Physician (official journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada), Nov 2016


What are practitioners recovering from cardiac challenges saying about Taoist Tai Chi® arts?

As a heart transplant recipient, I am keenly aware of how important it is to manage stress, both physical and emotional. When I experience stress, I literally feel the muscles in my neck and shoulders tense up, and I feel that my heart beats faster and my blood pressure seems to creep up. Taoist Tai Chi® practice has helped me very much in managing my stress. After a long week at work, I attend my Taoist Tai Chi® arts classes. The gentle movements and the focus needed to practise are meditative. I feel my muscles relax and my heart rate calm down. I feel at peace after each class.

– Carrie, Vancouver, Canada

Western medicine helped a lot after my heart attack 10 years ago, but Taoist Tai Chi® practice made, and continues to make, a huge contribution. One of the cardiologists at St. Paul’s Hospital was pleased that I was doing Tai Chi and ordered me to “do Tai Chi every day”. One of his colleagues observed that I’d regained my strength faster than anyone else who had come through the hospital’s Health Heart Program. I’m in my 70s now and I’m noticing that I’m increasingly more flexible than many people my age. I have better balance and stronger legs than most, and I’m a stronger walker, thanks to Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

– Bill, Vancouver, Canada

«My name is Cathy and I have had a dual pacemaker since 2005. In July of 2016 when I was walking 18 holes of golf I needed to stop and massage my breast bone because it ached so I decided to have my pacemaker checked. Everything checked out fine, but when I went out to my car I had strong pain so I walked back into the hospital and had a heart attack in the ER. I had 4 blockages and needed a quadruple bypass.
The day after my surgery I used a Taoist Tai Chi® arts don-yu to get out of the ICU bed and walked to the wheelchair. Thank goodness I had 17 years of don-yus in the bank! The physio called me her star pupil and told me I could do any tai chi I wanted. I started with gentle arm movements immediately.
In October I attended a Taoist Tai Chi® arts week and have not looked back since.»

– Cathy, Niagara, Canada

In this video Cathy discusses how she used Taoist Tai Chi® arts to help her recover from surgery. Taoist Tai Chi® practice gives her energy and the gentle movement significantly helped in healing scar tissue after the splitting of her breastbone.