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The Dragon's Head Blog: Portland Celebrates Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration at the Portland branch was enjoyed by over 200 participants and guests.  The evening began with a social hour for mingling, eating hors-d’oeuvres, enjoying live music, trying our luck at choosing from the wall of wine, and bidding on theme baskets and activities such as sail boat rides and hosted dinners.   Approximately 175 were seated during the main banquet which featured five fabulous dishes from the cooking team plus homemade baked desserts.  We listened as a State Senator and a City Commissioner were introduced and spoke to the gathering and were inspired by a testimonial of stroke recovery.  Participants enjoyed the work before, during and after the banquet as they planned, chopped, cooked, set tables, arranged flowers, baked desserts, played music, created auction baskets, disguised bottles for the wall of wine, served tables, entertained our distinguished guests, gave a testimonial, demonstrated tai chi and, of course, washed dishes outside under canopies.

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