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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Workshop in Helmond, Netherlands


There are 90 participants from 12 countries who have come to Helmond to practise Taoist Tai Chi® arts and to do other activities together, like weeding, dishwashing and chopping vegetables. This feels like coming home. Meeting old and new tai chi family members also contributes to this feeling.

On the first sunny and warm day we worked on elasticity in the movements. Andrew asked us to visualize the elastic in our favorite colour so that it can help us while practising. When asked, several members told us which colour they were imagining.

Above all, he kept asking: What do you feel? He then told us:  Take home the feeling, wrap it,  keep it and use it in your practise.” We’re looking forward to work on this at home and to find out how this will change our mind and body.

Thanks to members who have serious physical problems and who shared their experience, it became clear that changes don’t happen overnight. But when we feel the benefits in the body it is an amazing step in our path of improving or maintaining our health. When members tell their experiences we see their faces light up and they have a big smile.

So, be patient, keep practising, enjoy every improvement you make and smile! That helps to enjoy the practise.

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