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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fun and fundraise with snowmen


It started with a good idea. We bought a lot of white socks, started knitting and collected some other things. We then invited the participants of the Haarlem location to come on Thursday afternoons to make a family of snowmen. We had a lot of fun making them while Christmas music was playing and stories were told. We also enjoyed the tea breaks and the meals afterwards.


In total we made about 100 snowmen, each one handmade and unique.


We offered them for sale in the Haarlem, Rijswijk and Helmond buildings. Members really liked them and took one or two home. And some gave them as Christmas presents.


So this was about the fun part. Now the fundraising part: we collected 300 euros for the flower gardens in Orangeville. We once promised Master Moy to take care of tulip bulbs in Orangeville, so we still fundraise for that every year. So that after the snow we all can enjoy the flowers again.  

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