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The Dragon's Head Blog: The brilliance of Master Moy’s gifts

<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> Orangeville Ontario Canada

I have been practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts  for six years so I was not present at the opening ceremonies
of the expansion of the International Centre in Orangeville. However, it is our custom to share
stories and the ones I have heard have given life to that day. The story of when the clouds
parted, thunder clapped and sun dogs appeared, making the presence of Master Moy palpable,
is a wonderful image to hold on to.

After the 10 year celebrations, there will be many moremeaningful stories and I am looking forward to being present and able to c ontinue this significant story-telling tradition. It preserves our rich history and binds our family together, by
fostering a sense of belonging and understanding of both the art and organization.

I live fairly close to the International Centre and have been fortunate to reap the benefits of the
expansion through participation in the variety and frequency of programs generously offered. In
particular, the Quiet Cultivation practice hall is a bustling focal point, not only for critically
important tai chi programs such as Health Recovery, Continuing Teachers In Training, Fung Loy
Kok and Lok Hup weeks, but also banquets, jais, festivals, Central Region Workshops,
meetings, presentations, discussions, Seniors’ Day, Health Recovery Day and spontaneous

I was pleasantly surprised when I first visited this expansive, colourful space, so closely
connected to nature. I enjoyed the synergy of doing tai chi with a very large, friendly group.
Without the QCC, including everyone who wants to practice all aspects of the Taoist arts would
be more difficult and less effective. It allows for large family gatherings. The peace and calm
spirituality that is felt when chanting in the Temples is also initiated and can be deeply
experienced through the myriad of activities in the Quiet Cultivation Centre.

As a relative newcomer, and someone who has greatly benefited physically, spiritually and
mentally, I am in awe of the brilliance of Master Moy’s gifts, as well as the time, energy and
commitment that so many people have freely contributed to pass them on. Thank you.

Norah Beatty

Please send your stories and reflections on the expansion of the International Centre with the Three Religions Temple, The Hall of the Original Constellations (Dao Mo), the Memorial Hall, the Quiet Cultivation Centre practice hall, and the Meditation Suites to They may be used on the Tiger’s Mouth blog and in other publicity and promotional material.

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