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The Dragon's Head Blog: A Golden Opportunity!

Tooling Up for Restorations at the Fenway – an eventful morning!

Kicking off the commencement  of our renovations of the Historic Fenway Hotel building in Dunedin, FL was the event of our day!  The City’s sincere interest was felt immediately as Dunedin City Mayor Julie Ward-Bulalski joined our welcoming committee in the front of the Fenway.  Other attendees included Vice Mayor, Heather Gracy, and Commissioners Deborah Kynes, Bruce Livingston, John Tornga, various other city organization leaders and our Fenway Project Team  folks from Klar and Klar Architects Inc., Nelson Construction Company, Gulf Coast Consulting , and Taoist Tai Chi Society officials, Sean Dennison, Pegoty Packman, Jean Swantish, Robin Reardon, and Bill Sweetnam .  Each person’s «golden opportunity» came when given a golden tool to hold  for ceremonial purposes and a photo op. Frank Duffy was on hand for lots of photos along with the Media Department from the City.  The group briefly toured the bare bones the lobby. Architect Steven Klar gave an overview of what we have in store for the old place once it is renewed. Even though it was a very warm day everyone took the time to look around and enjoyed being able to go inside and see what has already been accomplished and the condition of the facility.

Our new neighbor, Cindy Phillips owner of Home Plate Diner, provided us with refreshing cucumber, lime, and basil infused water, coffee, iced tea, pancake muffins topped with maple whipped cream and bacon, mini quiches, fresh fruit parfaits, and green grapes and walnuts covered with caramel. Everyone stayed and commented on how wonderful the food was. The delicious food was also shared with working crews on site who loved the mid morning «tea break».

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