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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Program in Canada’s Eastern Region

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="4196,4198,4197"]The Eastern Centre was a hub of activity for the week leading up to the national program. All the work that goes into preparing for such an event was performed with a sense of tranquility that reflects our collective experience in practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Those days working as busy bees hinted at great things to come, and indeed the national program was a great event. Over 140 participants from all over the Eastern Region and beyond came together to further our understanding of Taoist Tai Chi® arts and the objectives of our organisation.  Chris Lewis, member of the Toronto Instruction Committee, guided the program. One of the highlights was certainly the annual regional meeting, a moment to reflect on the many activities and lessons learned over the past year.  And after the program we each went our separate ways, filled with new experiences and tools to help us on our way. 

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