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The Dragon's Head Blog: International program in the Southern European Center with banquet of the Chinese New Year

It was a splendid banquet and we were honored with the attendance of several representatives from different countries and associations of the field of health, all that in a festive and cheerful atmosphere.[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" ids="13733,13734,13735,13736,13737,13738,13739,13740,13741,13742,13743,13744,13745,13746,13747,13748,13749,13732,13750"]Both the organization and the realization of the banquet were carried out by volunteer members from thirteen different countries.[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" ids="13754,13752,13753,13756,13755,13751"]We also had the opportunity to continue deepening on the practice and understanding of Tai Chi during our third day of international workshop.[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" ids="13767,13758,13762,13759,13763,13760,13764,13761,13765"]

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