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The Dragon's Head Blog: The Depth Of Simplicity in Costa Rica

How many times have we heard elbows down? How many times have we heard push up or hands first? Not enough we hope, as there is always more. There is a profoundness in the simplicity of instruction that can help connect the dots of what we have been working on during a period of time. To enjoy the move and to find the stillness allowed us to discover something new in a simple form accessible to everyone.

That was part of this year’s international program, led by Allen Pierce from Portland, Oregon – to whom we thank dearly for the teachings he shared during the weekend of April 22 and 23.  Allen took us through a weekend of exploring simple yet deep aspects in the Taoist Tai Chi™ teachings and parts of the set, that provided a roadmap to find better alignment so the tai chi can just happen.

This was the first workshop for many of the participants.  They didn’t know what to expect of the weekend.  They had never done a set together with so many people and hadn’t done so much tai chi ever. One of the highlights of the program was to find them spontaneously practicing the set together without instruction.  It was just the pure joy of movement and having their heart and mind open to learn and receive the teachings.

Stillness, centered, roundness, profound simplicity … Sharing a powerful testimonial … Illuminating the path to healing organs and generating new lung capacity in the way we take care to diligently practice the foundations and work together.

There was also the sharing of stories that allowed us to connect to the international family and understand more about the development of the new International Centre in Florida.  All this was another part of understanding who we are and what we do.

The program also provided an opportunity to work together in harmony through the various tasks that had to be fulfilled, to have the chance to explore the eyes see, hands do part of the training and enrich our experience even more, and to understand how everything is connected.

Many thanks to the International Board of Directors for offering this opportunity to our country.  It is a true gift.  We also express gratitude for making the stories and guidance available so that we can be better equipped  to helping each other while safeguarding Master Moy’s legacy.

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