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The Dragon's Head Blog: Day Two of CIT Week, 2017 in Orangeville

When we were in a group and practicing a dan-yu, we worked together and helped me very much. It helps with the move when the whole group has the same timing and go together. For me, when Tony was working with me it was interesting the way he asked questions, explaining the changing and the aims of the changings and what we want to reach.
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The change for me to reach. I understand better know how I can help myself and I understand more the movement in my body. It was something new that people came to me and say thank you because of what could learn from what they saw.
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Quite a few people have the same diagnosis that I have, it was important and interesting nice to talk to them and to share the experience how the body is changing while l doing tai chi with this particular diagnosis (multiple sclerosis).  — Veronika Smejdová, Czech Republic
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It reminds me a bit of similar than other international centres, but here are more people. So always have food, instructors, practice tai chi, task. Familiar. I feel that I have been here many times ago. Makes me feel like home when I am in the practice hall but still get amazed by the temple. Very intensive experience about the tradition, very strong and new for me.
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I saw how Veronika can immediately do what she was asked to do and she could do it and impressive and moving.  — Eva Forstova, Czech Republic

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