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Chanting together 0

Chanting together

Four meetings on Zoom have become a permanent part of my weekly schedule. When I announce at home that it is time to meet, my daughter asks me: are you singing today? On Wednesday and Saturday I say – yes, why are you asking? She replies –because I would like to be with you. Therefore,  […]
What does Chanting give me? 0

What does Chanting give me?

Before starting a chanting session, a feeling of stillness and calm invades me. This feeling of tranquility, but at the same time of strength, remains afterwards. I usually practice on my knees. This position helps me release my hips (in the sitting position is where I get the most pain from trochanteritis) and I have […]
Already eleven months and always present! 0

Already eleven months and always present!

Confined but not suffocated or isolated!  Our instructors have never stopped repeating to us, without ever getting tired: “Do some foundation movements, a little, every day…” At first, my practise was very limited, often in the early morning. I found it easy to start but harder to continue. There is always some distraction ready to […]
Følelsen af energien og samhørigheden 0

Følelsen af energien og samhørigheden

Lørdag loggede jeg på ‘Chanting for the world’ for første gang. Jeg sang/chantede ikke, men sugede bare til mig af følelsen og fulgte en af ​​de sutraer, jeg havde skrevet ud. Jeg fandt det meget afslappende og nød at lytte til højttalerne. Da chantingen var færdig, indså jeg, at jeg var ekstremt varm og følte, […]
Egen træning er omsorg for sig selv 0

Egen træning er omsorg for sig selv

Det at træne selv har været en kamp for mig. Min mand tilbragte otte uger på hospitalet fra den 29. februar og døde i begyndelsen af maj. I løbet af den tid var mit fokus på ham, ikke på mig selv. Jeg har oplevet chanting og Zoom-møder som uvurderlige for min mentale sundhed. Ikke alene […]
Changing habits 0

Changing habits

56 years ago my mother passed away. I was 10. Since then I have lived a pretty wreckless life. Smoking has been one of my coping mechanisms for the last 40 years until 6 years ago, when Taoist Tai Chi gave me the strength to stop. I ordered a plaque for my mother, for All […]
Pain is out! 0

Pain is out!

During the latest lockdown, I hardly found time to practice. Indeed, I was having twice my normal amount of work, in addition to the daily household chores (including looking after 4 kids). My body paid for it: I felt more stressed and tensed and recently got a block in my upper back. I called the […]
The best out of the worst 0

The best out of the worst

During the first months of self-practice, I was practicing very high Don-Yus. This allowed me to relax a lot the cervical and lumbar area. By spending so many hours working in front of the computer, they were parts of the body very vulnerable to pain. I managed to incorporate the 50 Don-Yus into my daily […]
Costa Rica 0

Costa Rica

I would like to share my experience in these times, and something that was said at some point in the meetings on Saturdays comes to my mind: “In difficult times opportunities arise …”.   For me it has been a great opportunity to learn more about the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism. The teachings […]
The right course 0

The right course

We’ve recently discussed one of the guidelines from Fung Loy Kok directors at our ZOOM meeting with Polish members. It was about having a notebook to make notes regarding our individual practice and the progress we make and changes we can observe while being on the Taoist Tai ChiTM training path. Włodek, a member from […]
Take responsibility 0

Take responsibility

Thanks to regular zoom meetings with the leaders of our organisation, I’ve come to realise several challenges in these difficult times when restrictions change our ordinary lives. One of the key messages for me is to take responsibility for yourself, for your training. It means trusting yourself, trusting instructions we have received and still receive […]
Jeg er taknemmelig for foreningen 0

Jeg er taknemmelig for foreningen

Jeg er 75 år gammel. Jeg har lavet tai chi i syv år, men for et år siden måtte jeg stoppe med at gå til undervisning, fordi jeg tager mig af min mand med senil demens. Takket være de år, jeg har lavet tai chi, kan jeg i dag sige, at jeg har det ganske […]
Opportunities through Adversity 0

Opportunities through Adversity

The adversity of this time of pandemic has given me the opportunity to realize the importance of being conscious and consistent, both in the practice of tai chi, as in the zoom and chanting sessions. Sharing all this gives way to words and emotions, such as: consistency, patience, awareness, connection, attention, observation, letting go and […]
Finding A New Grace 0

Finding A New Grace

Everyone probably has lockdown stories to tell: here is mine. Even after years of Tai Chi, I still sometimes wondered if I could get through a set without clues from my fellow practitioners, but was determined to try and do a set each day during lockdown. I had fallen in love with Tai Chi from […]
Making The Pain Go Away 0

Making The Pain Go Away

“I just wanted to tell you about something that’s happened since Lockdown. I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips, and was getting quite a bit of hip pain until I finally got a diagnosis. Then I remembered something that we had been told at CIT week in Orangeville, back in 2009, about how dan-yus […]
Personal Stories / USA 0

Personal Stories / USA

Since doing sets on my own for over eight months now, an interesting thing has happened. At first it seemed strange to practice alone, without a group. I felt oddly self-conscious, even though no one was watching. Over time, though, I stopped worrying about that and just started focusing on how my body felt while […]
Growing through the pandemic 0

Growing through the pandemic

My experience these past nine months has been of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. On March 13th we were confined. I have a 12-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl with special needs, quite an experience. I would get up at 6 in the morning to practice Tai Chi. It was my moment of peace, […]
Managing stress and anxiety with daily practise 0

Managing stress and anxiety with daily practise

Before the pandemic, Taoist Tai ChiTM arts was something I only practised when attending a weekly class on a Friday night.  In between classes, I rarely gave it a thought. Having been suffering with anxiety and stress, I attended a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course in February which gave me some tools to use.  This became […]
Devoting time to improve my health 0

Devoting time to improve my health

I had been practicing more or less regularly, but I did it as a kind of homework: I practiced what I had seen at a class, at a workshop or a correction I had received. Lockdown began and with it my fear of getting infected, the uncertainty about the future and sadness about what was […]
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